Take a ‘staycation’ . . . and other creative ways to have fun and spend less.

It’s summer and thoughts turn to fun ways to spend time and . . . (unfortunately) money. Whether it’s a family vacation, home improvements, backyard parties or out-of-town visitors – the impact on your wallet can be significant.

If you are already struggling with a worrying debt load, it’s likely time to change what you do this summer.

A recent BMO travel study found that more than half of all Canadians plan travel within their home province this year (in Albertans that number is an outstanding 81 per cent). This scaling back on vacation plans is due in part to cost-conscious Canadians who also see the impact of rising gas prices and are seeking to build savings; all positive news—and even more relevant if you need to address debt.

Paying off debt doesn’t have to be viewed as a burden, in fact, it should be viewed as an accomplishment. Reducing debt brings a sense of relief. Focusing on paying off your debt can provide an opportunity to explore cost-cutting alternatives to many summer activities.

Consider these ways to spend less and have fun:

  • ‘Staycation’: plan a ‘holiday’ in your own province. Be a tourist in your own City of one nearby. Load up on traveler information and see the sites you often overlook because they’re close to home.
  • Host a backyard ‘drive in’. Set up your TV outside for an evening video-fest and make it a pot luck BBQ or picnic with friends and family. (Maybe invite your close neighbours too, if it’s likely to get noisy!)
  • Camp in your own back yard. Adults and children alike can enjoy a night star gazing or reading under canvass. The bathroom and fridge are nearby and if it rains: enough said!
  • If you’re game to try crafts or Do-it-Yourself to save money on entertainment or home improvement projects, social sites like Pinterest and Houzz can be fun tools to get your creative ideas flowing.

 Remember to use the money you ‘save’ for debt repayment first—and start with high interest rate credit cards:

If you are facing financial struggles or would like some help with managing your debt—one of our professionals is available to discuss your situation. There are many options available to help and you may not need to go bankrupt. Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Call us toll free from anywhere in Western Canada 310 8888.