When it comes to dealing with your debt or credit issues: be sure to seek out the right path to recovery

The New Year will arrive and may find you filled with anxiety over your debt load and concern about your credit history. If your resolution is fuelled with a desire to improve your financial situation, be sure you get the right help.

There are numerous misleading, unqualified, unlicensed (or sadly, even fraudulent) parties ready to exploit consumers in need. They may make excessive or false claims as to the results that can be achieved whether that is: debt solutions, debt elimination, credit analysis, or credit repair. An upfront payment is typically required before any service has been provided. And, often the services offered are steps you could undertake yourself at little to no cost.

Caution is the name of the game. Educate yourself about professionals in the field of credit and debt counseling service providers and the role of a licensed Bankruptcy Trustee/Consumer Proposal Administrator.

Nonprofit credit counseling providers are there to help consumers review their credit and debt situations, provide solutions and assist consumers to improve their financial situation. If a consumer needs or wants to make a formal arrangement to address their debt—such as a Consumer Proposal or an Assignment in Bankruptcy, then the credit counselor refers the person to a Bankruptcy Trustee. Changes in legislation this year will see some credit counselors working to obtain their license as a Bankruptcy Trustee or they may simply choose to work more closely with existing Bankruptcy Trustee colleagues.

The Trustees in Bankruptcy at Grant Thornton always provide free and confidential thorough consultations to anyone struggling with debt or credit issues. This ‘one stop’ approach provides an opportunity to explore your situation in-depth with a respectful professional who is aware of all possible solutions to address debt problems and ways to rebuild a credit history. Our Trustees provide information, resources and tools at no charge.

The Bottom line: if you are ready to seek help to address your debt problems or repair your credit history there are no quick fixes or magic answers. Conscious effort, time and a plan is what is required. Our respectful, experienced professionals are here to help and will guide you on the path toward a happier and more financially stable year (and future) ahead.

If you are facing financial struggles and an unmanageable debt load—one of our professionals is available to discuss your situation. There are many options available to help and you may not need to go bankrupt. Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Contact us toll free from anywhere in Alberta 310 8888, or text 403-482-9000 (standard rates may apply) or visit our website www.gt.alger.ca.

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season!


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